Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]
Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]
Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]
Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]
Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]

Scarf 'Tulle-bi-telli' in Cream & Silver [Assyut]

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This is a stunning scarf which has been produced as part of a women's, traditional craft, revival project. It really is rather special. We love the modern design and how beautifully it drapes. Made of linen, the fabric is cool, light and little bit coarse as is typical of this fiber.


  • Brand new item
  • 1 of a kind handmade piece
  • Reversible
  • Dry-clean or hand-wash only
  • Embroidery runs in a line down both edges of scarf
  • Made on traditional looms with natural materials
  • Store somewhere out of sunlight
  • Material- Cream linen shawl with silver thread embroidery
  • Length- a tad wonky 181cm (71 inch's)
  • Width- a tad wonky 61.5cm (24.2 inch's)
  • Weight- 0.4kgs (0.9 lbs)

There’s a long tradition of metal thread embroidery in Assyut in Upper Egypt. The tradition has been around for centuries and is still  alive today. The craft stems from the Coptic Christian tradition, and uses specialised techniques, to decorate cotton, or linen, fabric.

The invention of the bobbinet machine in Tulle, France in the early 19th century gave impetus to the popularity of hexagonal mesh fabric and it became known as tulle.  During the French Protectorate, the bobbinet machine was introduced into the Asyut region of Upper Egypt by the French in hopes of establishing a source of employment and income to the depressed farming area sometime in the latter part of the 19th century.  The Asyut region was a logical location since that area was already a well established textile center.

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