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Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]
Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]
Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]
Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]
Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]
Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]

Pom-Pom Shopper Bag of Joy [Siwa Oasis]

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This is a rainbow explosion of fun!

Entirely handcrafted by the women of Siwa Oasis in preparation for family life after marriage. Siwa oasis is abundant with date palms which is the material of choice when girls start preparing their dowry's. The oasis has a rich tradition of unique, cheerful and functional woven baskets and bags.

Use gently as a bag or make a vibrant, super fun, statement in your home. I declare this the happiest bag in the land!

  • Vintage handmade item.
  • Unique 1 of a kind piece.
  • Woven from date palm. Embellished with cotton pom-poms and tassels.
  • 1 looped shoulder strap 28cms long.
  • Use gently.
  • Width 47cm (at top, tapered towards bottom)
  • Height 34cm
  • Depth 23cm (at base)
  • Weight 0.9kgs (2 pounds)

The inhabitants of Siwa Oasis have been growing date palms for over 3,000 years. Siwan dates are of exceptional quality and taste which has been praised since Pharaonic times. It also explains why the oasis's ancient Egyptian name was Sekht-am, meaning “palm land". Nothing from the palms goes to waste. Fronds are used for brooms, beds, boxes, and other types of furniture, while the trunk itself is used in roofing and structural supports for houses. 

In Siwa today, while there is a feeling of optimism for the future, at the same time there is nostalgia for the past and some fear that its culture is being lost.  One benefit of the arrival of tourists has been a huge demand for Siwan crafts. Women and girls are now able to provide the tourist market with arts and crafts, especially embroidered dresses and shawls, woven rugs, baskets, tapestries and, more recently, silver jewelry. Special training programs have been introduced to revive the skills of needlework and metal working.  Thus, demand from outside has stimulated a revival of traditional handicrafts and is restoring a link with the past.

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